My bunnies found love

Everyone, I’d like you to officially meet my bunnies, Pipi & Popo :)

I think I watched too much dramas lately and so I decided to film one on my own. Due to budget constraints, I couldn’t afford any real talents, and thus made do with my bunnies & Mr Carrot.

It’s the usual boy meets girl – they fell in love – third party turns up – boy fights to keep girl – happy ending.

I hope you like it!

gif creator

gif creator

gif creator

Till next time!


  1. Delightful post.There is always a bright tomorrow waiting for you .Jalal

      • I seen it as a couple who came together but then the carrot came between them….but then again maybe it’s just where it replayed that looked like the carrot was in between them. Or maybe they were eating the carrot for dinner, yea, that sounds much better.

  2. actually Mr Carrot tried to come in between them, but failed as Popo put up a good fight so Mr Carrot left.

    But actually, you can also interpret it as them wanting to eat the carrot for dinner. that sounds legit as well! It’s entirely your choice!! :)

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