Nam Nam Noodle Bar x Au Chocolat

Nam Nam Noodle Bar

We visited this pretty hip Vietnamese noodle bar called Nam Nam Noodle Bar located at Wheelock Place, Singapore (there’s a branch at Raffles City too). The food is so so so yums, I’m thinking of revisiting this weekend!

namnam noodlebar

They don’t use MSG in their food.

We all know how unhealthy it is to eat out.. I tried the noodle soup and indeed, it tastes good without leaving you feeling thirsty afterwards. Thumbs up!

The prices are very affordable.

A bowl of noodles cost around $8.90. This is not too expensive for an eatery located at Raffles City right?!

A sample of the menu grabbed from their website


Mandatory cam-whoring while waiting for food


Pho beef balls $8.90

Pho Beef Combination $9.90



Shall try out more items on the menu! For those in Singapore, try visiting Nam Nam Noodle Bar if you like Vietnamese food :)

Au Chocolat @ MBS

After eating Vietnamese Pho for dinner, we were craving for some desserts and headed to Au Chocolat located at Marina Bay Sands (MBS). The website stated that they close at midnight on Fri/Sat but we missed the last ordering time when we reached slightly pass 11pm.

The only thing we could buy was the Gelato Ice-cream. I tried the ‘Mascarpone & Biscotti’ flavour and it was good!! We ought to come earlier next time!







    • I thought so too! Till my guy friend told me that it looked aunty & not-stylish.
      Well, I am going to wear it no matter what they say now! thank you!

  1. Wow! Lovely delicious dishes to savor. Hope you much enjoyed them. :)


    P.S.: You look so sweet in both the pictures! :-P

  2. Thank you Asha for your kind compliment! Yes i did enjoy them very much :) Do try out Vietnamese food if you get the chance, it’s really unique!

  3. this vietnamese cafe looks good. I will try it out. Love the outfits worn by you and your friend there. :)

  4. One delicious post.Beautiful pictures.Warm wishes.jalal

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