Food-gasm and X’mas

Merry Christmas to all!

Up first…..Food-gasm!

Home-made Beef-Pork Meatball Spaghetti by the boyfriend.


He learnt it from a Youtube video featuring Jamie Olliver.

I did play quite an important role in the preparation for this dish ———————>
by cooking the pasta and toasting the bread!

But yes, this is a great dish to make cause it’s not too complicated and it really fills your tummy. This is probably something that people of all ages will enjoy together as well :)

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison @ Mandarin Gallery



We visited Tonkatsu at Mandarin Gallery Singapore which serves awesome pork loins and cutlets. Although we’re talking about eating a huge piece of fried cutlet, it really doesn’t feel heavy or oily when we pair it with the awesome free-flow salad.

I love the salad and we finished half a bottle of sesame dressing, LOL!

The salad is refillable so go ask them for top-ups! This is not a place I would visit very often as I am generally not a fan of fried food but I might revisit on special occasions with friends.

And oh, their fried oysters are to-die-for. It literally melted in my mouth upon the first bite. The main courses range from $22 – $50. I suggest going down earlier on a Friday & Saturday as it can get pretty crowded near dinner time.

Our little Christmas get-togethers

Asian Market Cafe



Had a Christmas dinner with my dear colleagues at Swissotel’s Asian Market Cafe. Asian Market Cafe serves a pan-Asian buffet which is halal-certified. Some of the dishes include Sushi, Kebabs, Laksa, Chilli Crab and Roti Prata.

Honestly, I did not feel that the food was worth the price…. The assortment was great but the food was not particularly exquisite. I had fun at making my own Laksa though (at the self-service station where you prepare your own portion with ingredients given).

I rather visit The Line at Shangri-La Hotel if I really want to have a great buffet. I guess I will only revisit again if I am going for a buffet dinner with my muslim friends as Asian Market Cafe is one of the only few halal certified buffet places in Singapore.

Prices start from $49++/pax for dinner.


We made some lovely photo props for fun photo taking sessions :)

If you like them, learn how to make some here. These are for kids though, but just so you get the idea. Just google ‘photo props’ and you should find some free templates to download.


Togi Korean Restaurant

(Photo of Togi restaurant credited to

Met up with Bernie and Sus and we had our gift exchange too!

안녕하세요!! We visited a Korean restaurant called Togi Korean Restaurant situated at Mosque Street. Sus’s korean teacher recommended the place as it serves rather authentic korean food.

That coming from a Korean means something right? And indeed, the food is Daebak (awesome in korean). I think it’s a family run business cause all the staffs are Koreans… very authentic! But be warned, they don’t look like kpop stars so don’t get your hopes high.

On arrival, you will receive some side dishes which are quite tasty and refillable at no charge. I highly recommend trying the Beef Bibimbap, Kimchi pancakes and Kimchi Soup. The prices are reasonable and we spent about $30 each, each ordering a main and sharing some sides.

P.s: Please don’t bother about getting the honey citron tea at $5 per cup, it’s a total rip-off! Just order the normal tea which comes in a huge pitcher for just $2.


Christmas Party @ Drew’s


Met-up with the guys from the army-land as well! Didn’t take much photos cause we dug into the food right away! We bought some roasted chicken, pork knuckles, pizzas and lots of apple cider (Brand is Somersby, my favorite!)

But anyway, we had fun eating and then we wii-ed afterwards. We ended up in Xing Wang cafe barely two hours later for some drinks when we realised that Udders was closed lah.

I got to bed at 2.30am and I still had work the next day :O


Came in to work and am in for more surprises! More pressies!

I love Christmas!



The boyfriend also got me something I wanted for a long long time….. a kickass humidifier as a Christmas gift! It’s known as the uMist Baby from OSIM.

I always get dry skin and throat when I sleep in aircon throughout the night so this humidifier will ensure that the moisture gets replenished while I sleep comfortably through the night!

I highly recommend girls with dry/sensitive skin to buy one!

20120801140654351Merry Christmas to all! Have a blessed Christmas and a fantastic New Year!


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