Braologie: Thoughts (with before/after photos)

I blogged about the pilot programme I’m taking part in at Braologie about 2 months ago.

Have used their products for some time now, and would like to share my thoughts on whether it has been helpful to me :)

I will be comparing the look and the push up effect between the Braologie Bra and my regular everyday bra.


I was honestly quite surprised when I opened my Braologie package. Scultping underwear are usually nude, black or really quite u-g-l-y, but Braologie’s has worked on their design. I give them a 9/10 in the looks department.


Well, we were always told if we wanted better cleavages, we’d better stuff more padding into our bra pockets. This is a big mistake!

My normal bra had this thick padding stuffed into the bra pockets. I was only able to fit half my breasts into the bra (you girls should get what I mean!) it’s not really comfortable but it does give that push-up effect.

The Braologie bra though – the padding was soft and thin, much to my surprise again! This made it very comfortable to wear. Just look at the photo! I could literally sleep in it and not feel restricted.

BEFORE pictures: Wearing my everyday bra

1. There was little support, causing my back to slouch

2. Despite the thick padding, it made my breasts sag downwards

3. Uncomfortable if wearing for more than 2 hours – back starts to hurt

(Once again, please, do not judge my saggy boobs)

AFTER pictures: Wearing Braologie’s bra

1. Better posture as the back strap was sturdy

2. Breasts are uplifted even though the bra was lightly padded

3. Comfortable as the whole breast is fitted nicely into the bra cup (not being squeezed out)

After this pilot programme, I realised the importance of wearing the right bra, as it can not only affect the look of my breasts, but my posture as well.

Here’s my review on the Braologie website:



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