Haul from Taiwan trip!

Back from Taiwan! My heart’s still there though my body is back..

Here are some loots from the trip :)

Pixy is a Taiwanese brand found in certain malls. I got mine from 诚品 (Eslite).

The bag comes with a heart shaped pouch! Super pretty. I bought the bag charm separately. The other pouch was a free gift. All these for only approx SGD100 +

Guess what’s bubble wrapped inside?

These are REAL flowers! They are known as 宠物花 (pet flowers)

Pretty isn’t it? The amazing thing is they don’t need water or soil to survive and they will last for 10 years.

I love the fact that it’s kept in an egg shaped glass which can be opened easily. It just brightens up my day when I look at it :) Got it for about $4-$15 each in the night market. I saw an online store in Singapore selling these cuties … link here

Got this Zojirushi hot water mug at just $20 :) I think it’s retailing for more than $40 in Singapore stores.

Didn’t buy much clothes as it was changing seasons and most of the clothes were thicker and suitable for cold weather. Got a few nice pullovers. This one below was just S$4!


If you’re visiting Taipei soon, check out my itinerary here


  1. Thank you so much for liking my post (farewell…)l enjoyed your post about your trip.greetings.jalal

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