Sus’s Birthday + Baking + Lantern + Fireworks

So, we celebrated Sus’s birthday early because she will be in Europe for her birthday with her boyfriend. The plan was to bake, celebrate the Mooncake festival and her birthday all in one night (a little adventurous I know), and we did it!

Here’s some highlights first!

Ingredients for a successful souffle

Top chefs busy at work.

There it goes into the oven..

It’s rising! It’s like watching our kids grow up. I wanted to cry tears of joy.

Not bad for a first attempt! Tasted a little like molten lava cake.

Touching Sus with our heartfelt words for her 386th birthday

We fireworked (hmm, is there such a word?)

And we lanterned.

We tried to do the high fashion editorial shoot you see in magazines.

This could totally go on a magazine cover.

Putting a candle on the cake we just made!

Happy Birthday Susu! We love you :)



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