The Green Tea Azuki Mille Feuille

I must simply rave about this Green Tea Azuki Mille Feuille crepe that Sus made recently.

If she had a talent, it would be in baking. The green tea flavour is just right, coupled with sweet tasting azuki beans. I had 3 slices in one day, seriously. Oh, Sus is my self delusional friend who calls herself the “Masterchef”.

I have tried the Mille Feuille at EWF, and it doesn’t even come close. We are making this on the coming Friday! Can’t wait!

If you’re keen in baking, visit her tumblr here :)


One comment

  1. Eh, you dont anyhow hor, I dont call myself masterchef k. Mai sabo, later got people wanna challenge me. I scared.

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