30th July, Thursday

Not sure if it’s due to an exceptionally stressful period in my life right now, but I’m dealing with one of my worst outbreaks ever. Like painful and itchy big red zits over my cheek area, which I don’t usually have. These scars are going to take forever to fade *depressed*

Aside, I’m very thankful to my very patient bf who always listens to my complaints and tells me I’m still beautiful in his eyes (thank you b if you’re reading this).

Looking forward to BBQ with the guys on Saturday (hello yumsies food!).

Also, I’ve passed my probation at my new workplace (yay!) To be honest, I’m glad I made my mind up to step into an industry I’ve always wanted to try. I’ve definitely learnt more stuff in these 3 months than I did for my last 3 years. Looking forward to more events and knowing more media contacts!

Yupp, that’s basically all that’s happening in ma life right now. Update again soon xoxo

At long last

I think boxes make organising one’s drawers a much easier job. Need to head to Daiso to buy more containers soon! Since I’ve organised my stashes, am gonna post more reviews as I start using them, LOL. Next project, the boyfriend’s room. #comingsoon

That Friday Night

Bb and I decided to have dinner near my workplace (Tanjong Pagar) two Fridays ago.

With no place to eat in mind, we were just walking around… There are a few stores located on the first level of Orchid Hotel. One of the shops Keisuke Tonkotsu King always have a snaking line outside whenever I pass by the area. It was very packed that evening but we decided to queue for it too! #yaytoqueuing

Keisuke Tonkotsu King Ramen_Orchid Hotel_Singapore_best_ramens(Image courtesy of chubbybotakkoala)

So we finally got in after waiting for more than 45 minutes. It’s a very small and cosy restaurant. Note: Big groups may find it difficult to find a seating.

So while waiting.. what’s interesting is they give you this sesame seed bowl and a grinder. Think it’s for self-entertainment while we’re waiting for the ramen to arrive.

And the eggs in the bowl… I thought they were just props for decor. Turns out they’re hard boiled eggs and you can enjoy as many as you want on the house!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

“No selfies, no. I need to concentrate on this taugay right now”

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetMenu here. We are both trying the original Tonkotsu Ramen!

Keisuke Tonkotsu King Menu

The Tonkotsu Ramen Special (All Toppings)

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My Tonkotsu Ramen with extra egg and no spring onions.

First thoughts…. soup base was very thick and flavorful. Not too salty, which I like. However both of our consensus is that there’s something lacking in the soup. The noodles are chewy. Egg is normal. There’re no bamboo shoots. Instead they use black fungus which I pretty much like as well.
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Will probably not return again as the wait is far too long for something that’s okay by our standards! Still prefer Chabuton anyday.

Headed to our favorite place (Wimbly Lu) which has become TY’s un-favorite place in a matter of 2-3 hours.

Think the residents there have been complaining about the crowd due to the food outlets there, so there were traffic controllers around directing drivers where to park. We were told to go elsewhere after parking twice, and finally settled at an area outside a residential house.

Their new menu!

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Handsome bb :D
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And then, a $70 fine awaits when we walked towards the car… Super super suay right?!

Thus, TY said he’s never coming back to Wimbly Lu again. The End. *cries*

Can’t wait for the long weekend end of this week! :)

#throwback to Skye’s 25th

Just realised I haven’t uploaded a hell load of photos on da blog.
#throwback to Skye’s 25th birthday! Surprise achieved and Dancing Crab afters.




Happy Birthday ST! Though I kinda blew the surprise in the group chat… IMG-20150501-WA0016



Dancing Crab
The Grandstand 200 Turf Club Road
(Old Turf Club in Bt. Timah)
#01-20/21, Singapore 287994


We ordered two Combo Bag #02 – which includes prawns, mussels, clams, potatoes, corn and sausages.
Decided to try it in two different sauces – one in Dancing Crab Signature Spicy, and the other in Zesty Garlic Butter.

The main meal took quite a while to come so luckily our sides of truffle fries and calamari rings came first as starters. The truffle fries were so fragrant and the portion was huge! So good we ordered another bowl to share afters.

So the star of the night came in two huge metal bowls and we poured it out onto the table to start eating with our bare hands. It’s quite a new experience for me as I never really tried this before. And…… we LOVED it!

The two flavours are quite different, and I kinda regretted trying the spicy one before the butter garlic one. My mouth was a little numb and I think I couldn’t really enjoy the entire flavour of the butter garlic pot. But all in all, quite an interesting experience! My only con is that it’s quite pricey for the ingredients they give us though… I think I’m gonna try making my own version at home for Bb one of these days!

Delicious food paired with great company. A great, great night.

Weekend wanders

Went to JB with the group recently.. Quite a fun trip I’d say :D First stop… Kam Long Restaurant This is located right beside City Square Mall and there was a long snaking queue when we got there at 12+pm. Think we waited a good 45mins-1hr before we got a table. It was darn hot and humid, thus quite an uncomfortable wait.. Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Food was served within 5 minutes after we got our table! Wheeee Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam

IMO, it was quite delicious and the claypot just added like a special taste to the curry, but the amount of fish was unbelievably little.. I barely had any zzz. The price makes up for it though, at just 60-70 RM for 4 pax. I wouldn’t queue an hour for this again, but won’t mind eating it if there’s no queue. We then headed to watch a movie cause it’s so cheap there right… so yeah, nothing much on that other than Insidious 3 was too scary :'( Afterwards at 5-ish, we decided to chill at a cafe.. There’s a lane filled with cafes near City Square mall which I think is called Jalan Tan Ah Lor or Lok. Red House (2) Red House Finally settled down at The Settlement! (So apt hor)
Processed with VSCOcam

I’d say the must tries are the Churros with the dark chocolate dip. The lemon cake and coffees are really just….average (as most cafes usually are). If I didn’t remember wrongly, think the drinks cost around RM10-12, which translates out to about $4. Most drinks in Singapore cafes start from $6 so it’s a little cheaper I guess?The Replacement_Cafe_Johor Bahru_Recommended Cafes (4) The Replacement_Cafe_Johor Bahru_Recommended Cafes (3) Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset For dinner, we headed to San Low Seafood (三楼海鲜园)!

It’s about 10-15 minutes away by taxi. Btw, please only take cabs with metered fares. So we were flagging for a long time… and finally this cab came by. This uncle agreed to turn on the meter, so we boarded and he started driving. THEN he asked if 15RM is okay. Uncle, we’re already in your car then you say… but we agreed to it cause 15RM wasn’t a lot for a 15-minute drive lah. Turns out it wasn’t that far away so….  #BoycottCheaterTaxis

The place was super crowded, but we didn’t have to wait for a table at all. Just walked in and took a seat at one of the round tables. Ordered our dishes and then…. the waiting game began. It must have taken at least an hour before we were served any of our dishes.

San Low Seafood Restaurant 三楼海鲜园
Address: Jalan Merah 1, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia Processed with VSCOcam

The Signature San Low Bee Hoon was definitely a dish found on most tables at the restaurant. Looks quite ordinary but does pack a punch. I will say it tastes of quite a strong ‘Wok Hei’ and it’s very moist compared to the usual beehoon!

I enjoyed the salted egg squid the most. Very generous on the salted egg sauce and the squid was crisp and light. A great combination!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Drunken prawns were really just so-so for me. The only thing I can comment is that they were fresh and the size is not too small.Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetNot pictured cause we’re too hungry: A salted vegetable soup, Hot-plate Tofu and Stir-fried vegetables. All these were not too bad too!

We paid less than RM150 for 6 dishes so I think it was quite cheap considering we had two seafood dishes – squid and prawns? Heard from TY that the crabs are HEAVENLY so I’m gonna try the next time I am there.

Can’t wait for our next trip, which will be happening very soon…

Hopefully I’ll become an expert on good food in JB soon!

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence: NOT for sensitive skin

Think it’s worthy to just mention that I’ve tried out SK-ll’s Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) lately.

For those with sensitive skin, my advice is to STAY AWAY.

The scent is strong and a little putrid, with over 90% Pitera in the product. Very watery texture, and goes on just like a toner. I take a few drops in my palm and pat it all over, before applying my moisturiser one minute later.

I didn’t notice a significant difference upon putting it on, and thought to give it a few days to work it’s magic. And boy, I did see some significant changes to my complexion…. in terms of increasing redness, small bumps all over and the much dreaded whiteheads popping up in random places!

Horrified, I went to research on other people’s experience and many stated that they do experience some purging and the way is to persevere and trust it to do it’s magic. So I layed off the FTE till my skin got back to normal and started on it again. 5 days later, the exact same thing happened…. Meh.

My skin is itchy (where is the moisturising effect?!), red and broken out. This FTE was really a waste of my time and I’m quite disappointed to be honest. So sensitive skintypes, I’d recommend to give this a miss, or at least try the sample before committing to the whole bottle.

New on the job

So recently I’ve ventured into a totally new career path… Public Relations!

On my 3rd month right now and have done two events thus far.
The work is pretty fast-paced which I kinda enjoy, cause time just flies by every single day.
But it’s not always a bed of roses… I still have so much more to learn.

Am just very thankful for the nice peeps I get to work with :)




Recently, I’ve had the worst breakout ever and got introduced to this new product by my colleague – the Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate. Very nice texture, something like a light oil with a faint essential oil kinda smell and you apply it either alone, or under your moisturiser.

Did some research into it and realised it’s an SOS product which you can use for 10-20 days when having skin reactions or sensitivity. In the first few days, it really helped to calm my outbreaks and I got kinda hooked onto how soft it made my skin become..

And then I decided to continue using it when I’m no longer having my rashes and I suspect the oil broke me out again. Very kek xim now. Teaches me not to be overzealous and just use according to instructions next time.

Will use it when I’m having sensitivity next time and update again. X_X Srsly need to meditate to relieve some stress soon :(