Kanuka Honey Update 3 (Honevo Rosacea)

Hi all, back with Week 3’s updates!

Sorry I’m a little late on this update as there were some issues with my Honevo Rosacea.
But it’s been resolved, and fortunately I am able to continue on my treatment and reviews! :)

If you missed out my previous posts:
– Week 1
– Week 2

Here’s a recap of how my skin looked last week:

No make-up

And here’s how my skin looks this week.

With honey mask on


I noticed my skin becoming softer and it’s a lot smoother. Redness has definitely decreased quite a fair bit. Itching wise has definitely improved. I don’t itch at night as much as compared to week 1 & 2.

I am still breaking out in Week 3, with a few painful new zits with pesky whiteheads. Do note that I usually do not break out much before starting on the Honevo Rosacea. I believe the honey is cleansing my skin by killing the mites, and the mites dying are causing all these breakouts. (Either that or it’s not suitable for my skin)

One problem I faced this week is slight dryness this week. I realised that if I leave the mask on for too long, it seems to dry out my skin quite a bit. I now keep to leaving it on for one hour in the mornings (I wake up earlier to put on the mask and go back to bed), and up to 3 hours at night. I do not moisturise after washing the mask off at night, but maybe I should from now on.

I have read a great deal about Demodex, and it takes a long time to eradicate them completely. I intend to keep with this treatment for eight weeks, and then decide if it is for me or not.

See you on Week 4!

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Finally time for Adventure Saturdays! We visited the new Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM) located in NUS on Saturday afternoon. Lemme share some photos and our experience there!

There happened to be a whale fund raiser on the day that we visited thus we got 50% off admission tickets! Original price is $16 per adult, $9 for child, NSF and Seniors (rates for Singaporeans).



Operationally, the LKCNHM is composed of two major entities. The main component is the plant and animal collections which form the core of its existence. There is also a public gallery section, which includes the teaching and outreach components of the museum.

The main floor is about the history and diversity of life on Earth, with a strong emphasis on Southeast Asian plants and animals. There’s a small exhibition on LKCNHM’s heritage on the second floor. It’s quite a big area and we took about one and a half hours to explore the entire museum.




In his own world *engrossed*


If I didn’t remember wrongly, these should be different types of pitcher plants. I didn’t know there were so many types! Am always very interested in Pitcher plants cause the way they lure bait is darn interesting.





// FUNGI //
This is one of my favorite foods on earth, so I took quite a bit of interest in this section. So many varieties I have never seen or heard of! Can you spot a heart shaped mushroom in the photo below?


// Molluscs //



// Arthropods //



The main highlight is definitely the three dinosaurs skeletons right in the middle of the museum. I thought they were fake and for display purposes only, till we read the signs and realised that they are real fossils!

The three diplodocid sauropod skeletons are nicknamed “Prince”, “Apollonia” and “Twinky”. Each of them is about 80% complete, making them a rarity in dinosaur discoveries. Even more amazing is that two of these skeletons come with skulls – a rarity as far as sauropod dinosaurs fossils are concerned! These three skeletons were found between 2007 and 2010 in a quarry in a small town of Ten Sleep in the United States and are believed to be part of a herd or even a family. These dinosaurs are the main attraction of the main gallery, showcasing the diversity and history of life on Earth.

There is a dinosaur light show at various timings. To be honest, they just shine a bunch of lights at the fossils and play weird dinosaur and nature sounds. We weren’t super impressed.



There are also many many interesting stuffs – i’m too lazy to go classify them!






This has got to be one of the weirdest things I have ever seen!!


On the mezzanine floor, there is the Heritage gallery showcase which displays plant and animal material from the original Raffles Museum, including many iconic specimens from Singapore! Another is the SINGAPORE TODAY area that displays the geology of the island, and highlights the efforts by agencies to conserve the island’s natural heritage.

The second floor wasn’t too interesting for me personally. Many of the specimens seems to be repeated or found on the first floor.



Overall, we really enjoyed our date at the LKCNHM cause there’s so many interesting things on display and we have learnt so many new things. You can literally spend hours there if you really read all the signs and explanations in detail, which we didn’t… I will recommend this museum more for teens and adults and not for like very young kids.

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore
2 Conservatory Drive
Singapore 117377
Tel: +65-6601-3333
Website: http://lkcnhm.nus.edu.sg/nus/

Singapore Night Festival

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetVisited the Singapore Night Festival with Ty last weekend and we were.. not very impressed.

It was really crowded and the weather was so so warm…

We started off from SOTA where they had this interesting paper flower glow in the dark thingy where people had to shine on them using UV flashlights. Way too crowded so we just looked at others doing it. We then followed the crowd to the National Museum where there’s the light and animation show outside the building. That part wasn’t too bad; we enjoyed the animation pretty much.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

After which we got into the National Museum where it was steeping with humans and more humans. Saw a queue forming for the little nonya play so we queued for it. Went into the hall after queuing for maybe 10 minutes! It was a projection on the wall, and most of us were seated on the floor. The whole show was so boring so many people got up and left halfway. I was telling ty maybe both of us are not the arty type cause I can’t understand nothing from what was being played, lol

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Our bored faces from watching the animation hehe

We did however discover something quite interesting on the 2nd floor of the National Museum — 50 things that was invented in Singapore or something. Don’t think this exhibition is part of the Night Festival, but more of a SG50 kinda thing. Had a lot of fun going through the old exhibits.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

An old kerosene stove used for cooking

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

A really vintage TV set


By the end of the day, my step counter registered 19,000+ steps, which basically means I was tired out like hell. We went off at 10-ish lamenting how old we have become. Very true cause less than a year ago, we were always heading out to the pub to hang out after 10 pm. Need to seriously get our energy levels to be higher.

The Night Festival continues next weekend, but I’d only recommend checking it out if you’re not one who complains of heat and crowded places and are into the arty-farty kinda stuffs. Festival guide here which is quite useful for navigating around. xoxo

The Dispensary – Chinese Medical Hall Themed Cafe in Tiong Bahru

Finally visited The Dispensary on the long National Day weekend. Nard raved about this place being one of the nicest cafes he has ever been to so we decided to chill there for a bit, just to check it out.

The decor is pretty neat – like a modernised Chinese medicine dispensary hall.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Chai Latte, Mocha Latte and cupcakes. The cupcakes were a little too sweet for our liking, nah.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

They ran out of truffle fries, so we ordered sweet potato fries and got them to drizzle truffle oil all over. Not too bad, but still prefer the usual potatoes with truffle oil.




Very quaint cafe located in the midst of the Tanjong Pagar cafe area. I love how the area has grown to become – a chic, hippy place which once used to be an old neighbourhood. It’s double-storied. You basically order downstairs and they deliver your items upstairs once it’s ready.

The sitting area upstairs is divided into 3 main areas, two being indoors, and one is an outdoor porch (non air-conditioned). It was closed on the day we visited. Not sure if that’s going to be the case from now.

Pricing was quite standard, though I did think $7.50 for a mocha was pretty expensive. I wouldn’t rave about any cafe food as it’s more of the ambience people are going for.

Enjoyed our afternoon there but no compelling need to visit again.

The Dispensary
69 Tiong Bahru Rd
Singapore 168723

Kanuka Honey Update 2 (Honevo Rosacea)

Hello, back with update 2 for Honevo Rosacea!

If you haven’t read, I blogged about starting on Honevo, a new treatment for Rosacea using Kanuka Honey (read here: https://ohhhoney.wordpress.com/2015/08/11/kanuka-honey-update-1-honevo-rosacea/)

I pretty much looked like this on my first week on Honevo. No makeup or sunblock on. Redness, open pores but no obvious pimples or breakouts. Just when I thought it will get better…


My face at the end of the second week. No make-up or sunblock on. Social media suicide but really, all for the benefit of fellow Rosaceans who are looking to try this treatment. I assure you the redness is the photo is not telling the entire truth. It’s maybe 10 times more red in real life.

Parts of my skin where it’s sebum rich (forehead, around the nose, chin) started to feel scaly and itchy.



I’ve read that many people who started on honey treatment do experience breakouts for the first few weeks. I broke out in painful pimples that itched like crazy on maybe Day 9 or 10. They were very red and inflamed, with a center that’s begging to be popped.

The honey mask still feels the same. I do it for 15-30 minutes in the mornings, and maybe between 1-3 hours at night. Feels very calm with the mask on, and it doesn’t really dry my face out, nor moisturise it much.

The zits are slowly dying down now, but those red marks will take ages to fade on my fair like ghost complexion.

I seriously can’t take any more breakouts cause of my job nature.


Looking forward to updating again at the end of Week 3.

Buying beauty products on Carousell

I was scrolling through Carousell earlier and have some compelling thoughts I absolutely needed to share. Carousell is an online marketplace which allows you to create your own ‘mini shop’ to sell your new or pre-loved items. The categories I usually browse is ‘For Her’ and ‘Beauty Products’, sometimes ‘Games & Toys’ too.

Under the Beauty Products category, many ladies are selling their skincare and makeup products – and I realised a huge chunk of them are selling USED skincare and makeup products. And many people actually buy them!

USED make-up products

Will you share your toothbrush with a stranger? I wouldn’t. Because it’s gross and unhygienic. Make-up items, especially powder 2-way Foundations, Eye shadows, Blushers, Mascaras and Lip glosses should never be sold once they have been used.



These products came into direct contact with someone else’s skin, along with sweat, sebum and what not. Bacteria gets transferred to the product with usage, and these tiny germ warriors multiply over time.

Why would anyone want to be using someone else’s product with their bacteria? Eeew.

Many sellers also only state the manufacturing date (and that expiry is 3 years from the manufacturing date as a rule of thumb) but make-up effectively only has a 6 months to 1 year of shelf life once it’s opened.

Say, if someone bought a liquid foundation and the shade is not right after one use, what do they do? Leaving it there to rot is too wasteful. I’d say it’s okay to sell it if it’s in a pump design, as there is lesser chance of contamination.

I find it quite silly that someone would want to buy used make-up products, especially those mentioned above. Maybe they want to try better brands at discounted rates, but totally not worth it man. I rather not take the risk and just buy cheaper drugstore products.

USED Skincare Products

There are some sellers who are.. selling expired items! I’m not sure who will want to buy expired items to use… Even if it’s given to me for free, I will also not be willing to accept. Damn wtf this seller selling products that have expired for more than a year.. but at least she’s honest about it.

Carousell_Singapore_Printscreens were taken when I was writing this post

For skincare wise, same theory. If it comes in a pump design, it’s fine to sell it to someone who can find a better use for it.

But creams in jars really makes me feel quite disgusted. Someone else dug their fingers in the pot before you.. How do you even know that their fingers are bacteria-free when they dip it into the pot? Taking such a huge risk here. If you have sensitive skin, you may jolly well damage your skin if you use skincare that has been contaminated. Plus you don’t know what kind of environment they store the product in. It’s especially bad if stored in the bathroom cause the temperature differences (hot and cool) will spoil the product over time.

Buying_guide_carousell 2
There are also countless fake sellers on Carousell. I know for a fact there’re many fake benefit products on Carousell so please buy with caution. For skincare, a lot of fake SK-II and Laneige products too.

If it’s too cheap to be true, it’s probably not true. Have read countless people posting that the products they bought are fake as they have the real one to compare with. Some sellers are just so ruthless…



1) Ask for the manufacturing date and expiry date

2) Ask when the product was opened – best if the person still has the receipt of purchase

3) Only purchase products which comes in a pump design as it is more hygienic. Forgo the dry powders, blushers and especially lip products!

Still really pretty amazed at some sellers on Carousell….. yepp. Happy shopping! Blog soon, xoxo

Kim Keat Hokkien Mee – worth the hype?

Went to try out the famous Kim Keat Hokkien Mee last weekend.. like finally!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

When I did a search for ‘Best Hokkien Mee‘ in Singapore, quite a few food bloggers recommended Kim Keat Hokkien Mee. What’s special is that they serve it in a claypot and the ingredients include roasted pork, clams and huge prawns, which is quite different from the usual ones we find at the Kopitiam.

Online reviews said that the $10 portion is good for 2-3 to share so we got the $15 portion to share between the 3 of us since we’re bigger eaters, lol.

The coffee shop was packed when we got there. We were told to wait at least for 30 minutes before our table will be served.

When it arrived… looks and smell wise scored pretty high on my point chart!

Taste wise, to be very honest, was quite good but not extremely nice like what people made it out to be. The stock was rather flavorful, which I guess is due to the seafood and roasted meat mixed into the regular gravy.

What I didn’t like was that the portion was so small!! We took a portion each into our small bowl and there wasn’t very much left in the claypot. For $5 each, the portion I ate was probably 1/3 of a normal $3 Hokkien mee.

Great to have tried this out, but wouldn’t go back all the way and wait for so long for this again. MEH.

Kim Keat Hokkien Mee

#01-264, Toa Payoh Palm Spring
92 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh,
Singapore 310092

Kanuka Honey Update 1 (Honevo Rosacea)


I’m on Day 7 of my Kanuka Honey treatment! Would just like to document down what I’ve experienced and how I feel so far.

Honevo is a company from New Zealand that does research on honey, bee venom and such.

Their idea is that we all have this mite called Demodex on our faces, but people with Rosacea are more sensitive to the bacteria released from these mites when they die, causing inflammation (redness), papules and pustules.

People with Rosacea have also been tested to have 15-18 times more demodex mites than normal people!! So gross, just imagining them crawling all over my face gives me the creepers.

I believe in their theory – as I often itch on my face and there are always good and bad times in every single month – my rosacea gets especially bad when I am ill and my immune system is compromised.

So Kanuka Honey is deemed to be highly anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, which can prove beneficial to Rosaceans. It has also been trialed by more than 100 participants in a clinical trial and have considerable success for many.

Thoughts on the product

Smells exactly like honey. Feels exactly like honey.

It’s a clear liquid form of honey (unlike other raw or manuka honeys I’ve used before), easier to apply when skin is slightly damp compared to when it’s completely air-dried.

Day 1 & 2
Feels quite nice on the skin, very soothing. It’s like I just put a cool blanket over my face. The suggested directions for use is 15 mins but I left it on for 3 hrs after reading through many forums. I do this twice a day (half hr in the morning, 3 hrs at night). Redness diminishes when mask is on, but stays equally red when washed off with lukewarm water.

Day 3 & 4
Started forming small bumps on the skin (which is normal according to many who have tried honey on their face). Noticed that redness has diminished maybe about 10 – 20%.

This is how I look like with the Honevo applied on as a face mask.

Day 5 & 6
Nightmare. Skin broke out in many small and itchy bumps. Not red kinda bumps / pimples, more of the colorless kind of skin colored bumps. They are super itchy till the point where I can’t even sleep till I took my anti-histamines. Seriously I wanna go out I also scared people think I have some kinda disease.

Kanuka Honey_Honevo_ReviewDay 7
Bumps seem to be going down. Hopefully things will only get better from here.

I think I was experiencing the dying off effects from the mites. Don’t think it’s an allergy to the honey. Whatever it is, I am damn lucky to have gone through this over the long weekend. Imagine how sad it’s gonna be if I have an itchy peeling face at work.

Other than that, I’ve cleaned my room and also boiled my face towel. Need to boil it every other day to kill mites that could be living in it. Have to be more zealous in changing my pillow cases too.

Will update again on my 14th day!