Recently, I’ve had the worst breakout ever and got introduced to this new product by my colleague – the Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate. Very nice texture, something like a light oil with a faint essential oil kinda smell and you apply it either alone, or under your moisturiser.

Did some research into it and realised it’s an SOS product which you can use for 10-20 days when having skin reactions or sensitivity. In the first few days, it really helped to calm my outbreaks and I got kinda hooked onto how soft it made my skin become..

And then I decided to continue using it when I’m no longer having my rashes and I suspect the oil broke me out again. Very kek xim now. Teaches me not to be overzealous and just use according to instructions next time.

Will use it when I’m having sensitivity next time and update again. X_X Srsly need to meditate to relieve some stress soon :(

Banana Tree Cafe – Korea’s Flowerpot themed cafe


So we had a meetup recently and went to try out this new Korean dessert place named Banana Tree located along Keong Saik Road. Apparently it’s quite a popular chain from South Korea which I’ve never heard of till Susy suggested we try this. Location is quite near the train station so kudos for accessibility!

The Banana Tree_ Singapore_Cafe_ohhhoney 6

We ordered the signature Flower Paap (SGD 6.50) in both strawberry and banana flavours, as well as their famous Som Som latte with candy floss toppings (SGD 6.50). I had the iced mocha, which leaned more towards coffee than chocolate, which I didn’t really like :(

The Flower Paap is something like flavoured tiramisu cream in a pot. Very hard to explain the texture but it tastes surprisingly quite good. The pot is a little small though… we finished it barely in a blink of an eye.

Their spoons are shaped like spades.. super cute!

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The Banana Tree_ Singapore_Cafe_ohhhoney (5)

Was in the area again the other day and decided to pop by for some korean Bingsoo while waiting for the Korean BBQ place to call us when they have an available seating.

The Pot BingSoo (SGD12.50) comes in a generous serving and is good for sharing between 2-3 pax. Bingsoo is basically like a Korean version of Singapore’s Ice Kachang, but a very very overpriced one. It has shaved ice, ice cream and some toppings like red bean and peanut powder. It’s a little pricey but I kinda like the flavour, but probably wouldn’t pay for it again.

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Banana Tree
26 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089133

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 9am – 7pm
Friday & Saturday 10am – 8pm
Sundays 11am – 5pm

The sushi incident

I went to Sushi Express alone the other day to grab a quick meal. It was relatively empty so I chose a random seat and got settled in quickly.

Only saw broccoli and leafy greens so I picked them up while waiting patiently for my sashimi to sail by on the sushi belt.

After maybe 10 mins, a couple came in and sat right opposite me (with the sushi belt in between us). I presume they should be husband and wife in their late thirties.

So I was chewing on my broccoli and instead of looking down at the table the whole time, I decided to look up. The husband happened to look up at the same time so we had a brief one-second kinda eye contact.

What happened after was the most ridiculous thing ever.

The wife (let’s call her A) started making really rude comments.

A to husband: Why you looking at her? Trying to flirt with her ah?
Husband: No, don’t be crazy. And don’t say so loudly can. People can hear

A to husband: I know you look at her. She so young, you not ashamed of yourself ah
A to husband: Why you such a flirt, like to look at random sluts

A to the air: Wear until so exposive.. show boobs big ah… girls these days
A to the air: Pretty also no use, still have to come eat alone

I was this close to punching her… this close. But the guy looked pretty paiseh and apologetic so I didn’t confront her. I just ate my stuff and asked for the bill quickly.

I was wearing a tank top and jeans by the way. She has no idea what slutty even means… I wish Su was there with me so she can muay thai her freaking mouth.

After that when I was free, I stopped and thought about why someone would behave in that way. Crazily overly-suspicious and have no trust in your other half at all. Then I remembered I used to be somehow like that too (not so extreme though). After being hurt, there are really a lot of inner demons and you struggle with them every single day. You suspect every single little thing and you live in fear all the time.

Maybe something happened between them prior that pushed her over the edge. Might explain why the guy puts up with it too. Or maybe she’s just crazy IDK?!

I’ll definitely mind where I’m looking the next time I step into Sushi Express alone.

Singapura: The Musical opens 19th May

Something exciting coming up…! :)

Singapura_The_Musical_19 May_Singapore

Singapura: The Musical by The 4th Wall Theatre Co. Pte Ltd will be opening at the newly refurbished Capitol Theatre on 19th May!

Singapura: The Musical takes audiences on a journey of love, hope, and new beginnings while exploring the strength of the human spirit during the formative years of Singapore’s history from 1955 to 1965. Through the eyes of ordinary men and women, audiences will witness how hope and youthful determination transcend the struggles of everyday life during this time period as Singaporeans strive towards a better future for themselves and their loved ones. Their passion and drive sees them dreaming, hoping and creating – against all odds – a place where they can truly call home.

Show Run: 19 May to 7 June 2015

Venue: Capitol Theatre, 17 Stamford Road, Singapore 178907

Purchase tickets and get more info here:


9 more working days. Just 9 more.

Really looking forward to a new environment. There’s both exhilaration and fear going to a new place. What if my new colleagues are not nice? What if the job is too difficult? So many what-ifs.

Changed a new hairstyle. I did Mucota Rebonding for the first time and it feels quite nice. Not much smell and slightly shorter time required than the usual. I was quite shocked to see how short it was after doing the c-curl on the roots though. Need some time to get used to it..


These few days, I’ve probably cried a litre of tears.

I looked back and remembered.. how heartless I used to be when looking at my other half cry, begging, but not feeling anything. I just sat there and watched him cry. I just wanted him to stop bothering me.

Funny how all the feelings of love just suddenly disappeared and I became a cold-hearted bitch who cannot care less. I believe in karma now.

On a lighter note.. Watched ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ over the weekend, and it was hilarious!

Story goes: Devastated Peter takes a Hawaiian vacation in order to deal with the recent break-up with his TV star girlfriend, Sarah. Little does he know, Sarah’s traveling to the same resort as her ex – and she’s bringing along her new boyfriend.

I love Jason Segel (Peter). He’s super funny and he sacrificed his weewee for this movie! (Yes, full nudity alert)

I love how heartbroken Peter rediscovered himself, acknowledged his mistakes and started his new life. Though I don’t think anyone would have survived through the movie plot in real life.

Also watched The Divergent Series: Insurgent. Personally I didn’t like it.. Some action here and there but overall lacking something. No steamy scenes as well (give us something to drool over won’t you?!) May not watch the third installment which is split into 2 movies AGAIN. Damn these movie makers who just wanna extend the screen life and milk more money out of the series.

Blog again soon :)


I’ve been breaking out lately. I attribute it to straying from my trusty Papulex in exchange for nice smelling korean products which worsened my skin with every use. Finally restocked on the cleanser and moisturiser which I was running out of. Hopefully it will clear my skin up soon ~


I bought a one litre jar of organic cold pressed coconut oil some time back for health purposes but I’ve recently used it for beauty purposes. It really is kinda amazing but not everyone will like it’s smell though. So far, I’ve used it as a hair treatment / mask, body treatment, lip scrub (with sugar bits) and am looking to find more uses for it…

One thing I have to share though… Many shared that it’s a wonderful makeup remover so I went ahead and tried it out. So I poured a handful of coconut oil, warmed it up on my palms and smeared it all over the face. The oil is very thick, and water doesn’t rinse it off. I splashed water like 100 times but the oil literally sticks on my skin. I had to use bioderma & maybe 5 cotton pads to wipe off the coconut oil. And my skin was so dry afterwards. Bad experience, will not attempt again.

I’m gonna be another year older in a month’s time. After washing my face the other day, I scrutinised it using a magnifying mirror and realised the signs of aging are already starting. I don’t wear very much eye makeup but there are already some fine lines under my eyes. I ought to be more gentle with my cleansing and start doing some anti aging skincare for preventive measures.. I wanna be young forever *cries*


Went prawning at HAI BIN @ Punggol for the very first time last Saturday.. and it was quite fun! Maybe cause I didn’t have to pay for it, lol. Think it will be quite sian if you pay so much but don’t catch much prawnies.

I was damn scared so my job is to wait for the prawn to bite onto the hook, and I’ll pull them up. I left the honorable job of baiting and unhooking of prawns to ty. He didn’t have much luck with catching the prawnies though, LOL

Hai Bin Prawning_Punggol (2)

Hai Bin Prawning_Punggol (3)

And ta-dah! Yummy prawns for snacks while playing poker. Yumsssss ~ Hai Bin Prawning_Punggol

This blog is pretty much dead. I ought to update more often. Till next time~