9 more working days. Just 9 more.

Really looking forward to a new environment. There’s both exhilaration and fear going to a new place. What if my new colleagues are not nice? What if the job is too difficult? So many what-ifs.

Changed a new hairstyle. I did Mucota Rebonding for the first time and it feels quite nice. Not much smell and slightly shorter time required than the usual. I was quite shocked to see how short it was after doing the c-curl on the roots though. Need some time to get used to it..


These few days, I’ve probably cried a litre of tears.

I looked back and remembered.. how heartless I used to be when looking at my other half cry, begging, but not feeling anything. I just sat there and watched him cry. I just wanted him to stop bothering me.

Funny how all the feelings of love just suddenly disappeared and I became a cold-hearted bitch who cannot care less. I believe in karma now.

On a lighter note.. Watched ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ over the weekend, and it was hilarious!

Story goes: Devastated Peter takes a Hawaiian vacation in order to deal with the recent break-up with his TV star girlfriend, Sarah. Little does he know, Sarah’s traveling to the same resort as her ex – and she’s bringing along her new boyfriend.

I love Jason Segel (Peter). He’s super funny and he sacrificed his weewee for this movie! (Yes, full nudity alert)

I love how heartbroken Peter rediscovered himself, acknowledged his mistakes and started his new life. Though I don’t think anyone would have survived through the movie plot in real life.

Also watched The Divergent Series: Insurgent. Personally I didn’t like it.. Some action here and there but overall lacking something. No steamy scenes as well (give us something to drool over won’t you?!) May not watch the third installment which is split into 2 movies AGAIN. Damn these movie makers who just wanna extend the screen life and milk more money out of the series.

Blog again soon :)


I’ve been breaking out lately. I attribute it to straying from my trusty Papulex in exchange for nice smelling korean products which worsened my skin with every use. Finally restocked on the cleanser and moisturiser which I was running out of. Hopefully it will clear my skin up soon ~


I bought a one litre jar of organic cold pressed coconut oil some time back for health purposes but I’ve recently used it for beauty purposes. It really is kinda amazing but not everyone will like it’s smell though. So far, I’ve used it as a hair treatment / mask, body treatment, lip scrub (with sugar bits) and am looking to find more uses for it…

One thing I have to share though… Many shared that it’s a wonderful makeup remover so I went ahead and tried it out. So I poured a handful of coconut oil, warmed it up on my palms and smeared it all over the face. The oil is very thick, and water doesn’t rinse it off. I splashed water like 100 times but the oil literally sticks on my skin. I had to use bioderma & maybe 5 cotton pads to wipe off the coconut oil. And my skin was so dry afterwards. Bad experience, will not attempt again.

I’m gonna be another year older in a month’s time. After washing my face the other day, I scrutinised it using a magnifying mirror and realised the signs of aging are already starting. I don’t wear very much eye makeup but there are already some fine lines under my eyes. I ought to be more gentle with my cleansing and start doing some anti aging skincare for preventive measures.. I wanna be young forever *cries*


Went prawning at HAI BIN @ Punggol for the very first time last Saturday.. and it was quite fun! Maybe cause I didn’t have to pay for it, lol. Think it will be quite sian if you pay so much but don’t catch much prawnies.

I was damn scared so my job is to wait for the prawn to bite onto the hook, and I’ll pull them up. I left the honorable job of baiting and unhooking of prawns to ty. He didn’t have much luck with catching the prawnies though, LOL

Hai Bin Prawning_Punggol (2)

Hai Bin Prawning_Punggol (3)

And ta-dah! Yummy prawns for snacks while playing poker. Yumsssss ~ Hai Bin Prawning_Punggol

This blog is pretty much dead. I ought to update more often. Till next time~


Been so tired recently. I’ve finally made the decision to leave.

I’ve stayed far too long, and it’s time to venture out of my comfort zone and explore new grounds. I’m gonna miss the terribly nice people here though.

I don’t know what I want to do at the moment, but there are some plans in my head. Hopefully I get to do something I like.

If not, I’ll just take a break and keep looking. I deserve a good break anyway.

To more exciting times ahead :)


Hakka Yong Tau Foo_Upper Thomson

Been meaning to ask le bf to try the Hakka Yong Tau Foo at the Upper Thomson area but it’s always super crowded and very hard to find parking. We were in luck the other day… I liked it but the bf say it’s so-so only. Spent about $12 for 2, which is not expensive but not cheap also.

You can pick the ingredients you like, and they will fry it and pour this nice gravy all over. Not like the normal Yong Tau Foo which is cooked in soup or served dry with sauce. I like the veg! Very soft and goes well with the gravy.

There’s 2 Yong Tau Foo store side by side. Don’t go to the wrong one… The one with good reviews is the 928 Ngee Fou Ampang Yong Tau Foo (義和正宗安邦酿豆腐).

928 Ngee Fou Ampang Yong Tau Foo

928 Upper Thomson Road

Back to Sembawang Hills to chill after an exploding lunch…







Dinner at Ma Maison with the girls~ Haven’t seen them for so long!!






Spent most of Sunday waiting at home for le bf to end work. Did some spring cleaning in the meantime. I was craving mookata so back to our favorite Huay Kwang Thai! Side note, I was so so bloated at night I couldn’t sleep till 2am. Think my digestion problem might be acting up again.



&&&&&&& we finally booked our tickets to Perth after dinner! Yayyyy very excited cause I haven’t been to Aussie before. And it’s also our first trip together. I already know that it’s gonna be awesome.

Adventure Saturday – Bollywood Veggies & Neo Tiew Estate

Before adventure Saturday started, we headed to M1 to see if the phone I wanted was in stock… and yet again, the chio baby pink Samsung A5 is not here yet.


So after looking around, I decided to get the S5 instead cause the specs seem better… plus I cannot wait anymore.

The salesperson told me I had to exhaust the battery before charging it fully. So I decided to use it to take photos for later since the photo quality is not bad!

Bollywood Veggies

100 Neo Tiew Road,
Singapore 719026 (Kranji)


Credits: Bollywood Veggies

We headed to Bollywood Veggies after lunch. It’s a farm in the Kranji area. First impressions… it was way bigger than we imagined!

I didn’t have a hat on or anything and thought that my rosacea skin could actually survive the scorching sun, what a joke..

5 mins later at the farm..

TY: “I go get the mosquito patch okay. Stupid mozzies killin’ usssss”

Me: “Okay b, can you bring the umbrella too?? So hot gonna die!”

TY: “Huh…. really ah. Where got people use umbrella at the farm one….. ok ok.”

Bollywood Veggies_singapore

Yeah, I was the only one with an umbrella at the farm. #creatingtrends

Ok lah, given that the entry fee was only $2 each, I’d say it’s pretty worth it to learn and see so many different types of trees and plants. We spent maybe 1-2 hours there exploring the farm. Notable attractions are the banana walk and the lotus root pond.



They also have a cafe called the Poison Ivy bistro which serves up a local fare. I wouldn’t mind trying if we weren’t already full. Menu here. We had red bean ice cream which was pretty nice.

I’ll recommend this place as family friendly but please bring mosquito spray!! Got so many bites it wasn’t even funny. Seems to be a popular place with angmohs too.

Neo Tiew Estate

After the farm visit, we were on the way back, talking bout visiting Neo Tiew Estate next time, and then we drove right past it! Made a u-turn and headed for the abandoned Neo Tiew Estate.

I first read about it on blogger Joy Loh’s page and been wanting to visit. Who knew it was so near Bollywood Veggies?!

Will you dare to go inside?



The gate was open so we drove in. An abandoned HDB estate out of nowhere, with just a few blocks of flats, a wet market and a playground. Spooky much?

Theories on the net said that residents moved out overnight because of some haunting, and the residents just grabbed their things and left, leaving behind all the furniture and things in the house intact. But, after researching, seems that this place was en-bloc and the residents relocated to Jurong side.

We explored a little… and suddenly this cold gust of wind started blowing there’s really nothing much lah.

It’s been refurbished and is currently used as a military exercise site. It’s still quite fascinating and I love how nostalgic everything looked… just like the olden days.

So of course I took many photos and am excited to blog bout this right.. now, let me tell you the story of the missing photos.

Samsung has this transfer app thingy where you can basically transfer everything on your old phone (S3) to your new one (S5) very conveniently. We got home and settled down to watch a movie. I just selected all the folders on my old phone and hit ‘transfer‘. It took less than half an hour. Fast right?

But, I realised I just transferred all 5000++ photos from my S3 to my S5. Walau, now I’ve to go delete them slowly.. (if not, I’ll run outta space)

So the smartie bf suggested to factory restore it. And I agreed! (How could I…?!)

Only after factory restoring did I realise… the photos from Bollywood Vegg and Neo Tiew were in the S5!!!! How terribly smart! :( 

I admit I was very upset and sulked about it for a long time. But I’m over it now. Afterall, the memories at the places we went to will always be kept in my heart. Would have liked the photos for remembrance though… girls will always be girls. 

Till the next adventure Saturday… I’ll be sure to bring my cam out so nothing gets deleted accidentally this time.

P.s.. random: if you’re bored, go download the game The Battle Cats.
It’s super fun and the cats are so cute heh. XOXO


21.1.15, Wed

Sigh.. I miss the days where we could meet for dinner on week nights or text during the day… Still trying to be as independent as I possibly can be. Used to have you to look forward to every 2-3 days, but now I watch the days crawl by and pray for the weekend to come again soon. Even when we do survive the week in one piece, it’s often over in a jiffy. Why is time never enough when I’m with you?