Skin woes + Bali Trip updates

Recently, I was feeling quite down cause I started breaking out quite badly.. lucky I have Trinity Medical to save my skin. Did extraction and IPL on last Friday night, alongside with a HA infusion to save the peeling skin. Going back to the doctor tmr, fingers crossed that something can be done to save my skin before Susy’s wedding!

Because of the breakout, stayed home mostly last week. I want a date night soon :'( Get well soon, and gimme my happy weekends back~

Anyway, took a trip recently to Bali for Su’s bachelorette party & photoshoot. Here’s some photos from the trip~ Will do a post listing the places we went to when I get the photos from Bernie’s cam :)





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Less than 2 weeks to Su’s wedding, can’t wait! :)

IPL @ Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade)


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Recently I’ve been told by quite a few people that my skin is improving and that I looked more radiant. I previously blogged about my experience with rosacea, a skin condition which is chronic and needs to be managed for life.

Even as my condition got better, I still faced problems like occasional breakouts and redness. The medications and creams from my previous doctors can only do so much.

I was really excited to visit Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) to consult with Dr Lim and see what he can offer to do for my skin.

My ultimate goal? To achieve clearer, smoother skin with an even skin tone.

I had a consultation with Dr Lim and he was able to tell me that I’m suffering from Rosacea despite not asking extensive questions.

He suggested doing Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for my skin as it will help to reduce redness, treat prominent superficial blood vessels and help with active breakouts.

Sounds exactly like what I needed and I felt like I was in safe hands cause this doctor knows what he is doing.

*IPL can be done at 4-6 week intervals, and to see results, more than one session may be necessary.

First treatment

I’m gonna share a little on how IPL treatment is done so you guys can understand the process a little better :) I was suffering from a bout of outbreaks due to a busy period and was really excited to see what IPL can do for my breakouts and redness.

1) The therapist / clinic assistant cleanses my face by removing all traces of make-up/products

2) After which, a clear cold gel is applied all over the skin. This is to protect the skin while doing IPL

Trinity_Aesthetics_Singapore_Trinity Medical_IPL_facial_review_ohhhoney_photofacial_doctor_recommendation (3)

3) The doctor zaps my face, focusing more on areas where I have redness & spots.

Trinity_Aesthetics_Singapore_Trinity Medical_IPL_facial_review_ohhhoney_photofacial_doctor_recommendation (2)

Felt that my skin tone became more even just 2 days after the first session. I kept thinking if it was just a placebo effect, but others told me the same thing too! Really excited and looking forward to the next session.

2nd treatment

Had some minor breakouts (big one on the chin yikes!) after the first session but I think it’s normal to have some light purging. Dirt and gunk, leave my pores alone!

Dr Lim kept to the same fluence setting this time round as it seemed to work for the first session. He focused more on my red areas this time round and also targeted active breakouts.


3rd treatment

Came back from Korea and my skin suffered cause it was so cold there. It was breaking out, peeling and all… I headed down to the clinic asking Dr Lim to save my skin. Adjusted the frequency this time round and “zappppppppp”. After just 2 days, my skin started looking much better.

Only wearing sunblock, no foundation / powder


Why I love having my treatments at Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) is two thingsprofessionalism and genuine care from the heart.

The therapist / clinic assistant never fails to make me feel relaxed, constantly comforting me when I’m nervous when there really isn’t a need to be. Dr Lim was professional and attentive, asking me what’s my pain score after every few zaps.

For those who are interested to do this procedure, you probably have some questions…

Is there any pain doing this procedure?

I have a really low pain tolerance (I make a big fuss out of every little pain) but I really found it acceptable for me. Every zap is like stretching a rubber band lightly and smacking it against your skin. This is repeated until your entire face is covered.

Is there any downtime for this treatment?

I feel that there is a little bit of redness after treatment but it goes away in an hour or two. The therapist applies a sunblock on for me after IPL and I’m all set to go out afterwards! However, do note that the general advice is to stay out of the sun after treatment :)

Are there any visible effects after your first IPL session?

Our skin is unique and responds differently to treatment. Generally, IPL takes a few sessions to show optimal results. I guess I got lucky cause I did see a difference – my skin was much more evenly toned just 2 days after my first IPL session.  Dr Lim told me IPL is one of the best treatments for Rosacea, in particular the redness of the skin. Repeated treatment will likely be necessary to remove newly formed superficial blood vessels or during flare up.

What is the difference you see after a few IPL sessions?

I feel like my pores have definitely became less obvious, and that my skin has a much more even tone now. Redness has definitely reduced and breakouts come and go much faster than before. Not kidding.

Overall, I love the difference it has made to my skin texture – so much softer and less bumpy than before. I can now go out without bb cream and not feel conscious about my redness on the cheeks and chin.

I honestly feel that this procedure is non-invasive and is worth a try if you have problems with redness, acne, uneven skin tone etc. There are so many Aesthetic Clinics out there which gives one many choices to choose from, but to find one which is professional yet display genuine care – you know this one’s definitely a keeper.

Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade)

87 Marine Parade Central
#02-500A, Singapore 440087
Tel: 6344 0027
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Alive Museum opens in Singapore


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What’s the newest craze in town?

Alive Museum is here from South Korea! Ditch the regular movie date, and head down to visit Alive Museum with your SO, friends or family for a unique experience.

You know how traditional museums have the ‘see but no touch’ rule? Not this one. Not only can you touch and feel the exhibits, you can also hop into the frame and become a part of the art masterpieces that play on optical illusions. Trick Art was very popular during the Baroque era in the 16th century. Using 3D painting techniques, these art pieces trick the eyes and stimulate your mind into seeing both illusion and reality at the same time.

One tip.. Wear shorts when visiting cause you need to squat or lie down for some shots!

Just gonna share some of the 3D paintings we thought were interesting. There’s quite a lot of visual art exhibits on display!

The Little Mermaid booth – Transforms one into a mermaid instantly, complete with wind blowing in your face
Alive_museum_Singapore_blog_review_Korea_Trick-eye Museum_vs_alive museum 20

Guys are welcomed too, but this merman’s looking a lil awkward
Alive_museum_Singapore_blog_review_Korea_Trick-eye Museum_vs_alive museum (2)

There’s this station which I swear makes anyone look like a monster. If you wanted to see how you look like with failed plastic surgery, please just go to this station.

This is like social media suicide but I will share it anyway~ I swear I DON’T LOOK LIKE THAT AT ALL on normal days. The bf said I look like a Japanese boy with a wig. So mean. Tsk tsk.
Alive_museum_Singapore_blog_review_Korea_Trick-eye Museum_vs_alive museum (4) - Copy

Alive_museum_Singapore_blog_review_Korea_Trick-eye Museum_vs_alive museum (4)

You don’t look any better yourself, you monster!

Please forget what you saw above. We’re normal human beings, really.
Alive_museum_Singapore_blog_review_Korea_Trick-eye Museum_vs_alive museum (10)

Amatuer Pole dancers
Alive_museum_Singapore_blog_review_Korea_Trick-eye Museum_vs_alive museum (2)_combined

Meow! Save meeeeee
Alive_museum_Singapore_blog_review_Korea_Trick-eye Museum_vs_alive museum (5)

Alive_museum_Singapore_blog_review_Korea_Trick-eye Museum_vs_alive museum (8)

Alive_museum_Singapore_blog_review_Korea_Trick-eye Museum_vs_alive museum (7)

Alive_museum_Singapore_blog_review_Korea_Trick-eye Museum_vs_alive museum (9)

This is one of my favorites! Can you tell that I’m actually standing on the floor? The stool, shadow and the elephant trunk looks so 3D!
Alive_museum_Singapore_blog_review_Korea_Trick-eye Museum_vs_alive museum (12)

I had my Mary Jane – Peter Parker moment…

But guys, please don’t.

Love this shot the most :)
Alive_museum_Singapore_blog_review_Korea_Trick-eye Museum_vs_alive museum (11)

There were some hits and misses but I would still rate it overall as an interesting experience. It’s definitely something new that I have never tried before and I think it’s quite suitable for families to visit as kids will probably have quite a lot of fun.

Alive Museum Singapore
Adult – $25
Child (3-12yrs) – $20
Child (below 3) – FOC

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily (Last Admission at 9pm)
Location: Suntec City Mall #03-372 (Between Towers 3 and 4)


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