12 beauty products for the office


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I’m not an early riser and barely have enough time to wash up before I have to rush to work. Some things, like moisturiser and sunblock (for face) have to be applied before leaving your home. But for others, there’s always a way to catch up on the beauty regime at the office.

Over time, my desk has filled up with many beauty products that I can’t live without!

Wet wipes
Rushing or walking to work in the mornings may leave you a little sweaty. Plus, squeezing with other sweaty people on the trains… I like to freshen up by using wet wipes when I get to my desk in the morning.


Air-conditioned offices only mean one thing…. dehydrated skin! I slap moisturiser over my hands and legs whenever I’m feeling a little dry.

I keep a thermal spray to spritz when my face gets too dry. Some brands I have tried (that I like) are Avene & La Roche Posay. The trick is to spray and gently pat them in. Allowing them to evaporate will only make your skin drier.

We use our hands more than any other parts of our body and trust me, it ages faster than you can imagine. A hand cream is thicker and more moisturising than a regular moisturiser so invest in a good one and apply diligently.

Always have your trusty lip balm on to protect your lips from chapping. You can get one with SPF protection too.

UV damage is very very serious. Even when you’re indoors. Watch this video. Do you know our lights and computer screens emit UV rays too? I slap some on my hands and neck every few hours.

It’s almost time for lunch and it’s also time to blot!

Good for rinsing after lunch to get rid of any strong odors. Easier than brushing too.

Comb / Brush
To brush out the tangles. It’s good to comb your hair cause it helps stimulate various oil and hormone producing glands and also eliminates waste materials from your hair including uric acid crystal deposits, catarrh and other acids and other impurities that gather and stick to the scalp.

Hair serum / oil
My hair frizzes up in the cold, so I apply a little bit of argan oil whenever it feels too dry.

Clothing spray
To remove any weird scents from lunching at smelly food courts.

For freshening up before leaving the office for a date!

What’s your beauty essentials in office?

Current skincare routine


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It’s the first time in a long long time that I’ve made changes to my skincare routine. Partly cause I’m scared of my skin reacting to new products. Have been using this routine for 3 weeks and am still waiting to see if my skin reacts well to it. 

Makeup remover: Bioderma (Sensitive)
Cleanser: Papulex Soap Free Cleansing Gel
Toner: LRP Thermal Water
Anti Acne: Clindagel
Moisturiser: Papulex Oil-Free Cream
Sunblock: LRP UVIDEA XL Extreme Fluid SPF50
Mask: LRP Hydraphase Intense Masque / Neutrogena Moisture Masks

I’m such a sucker for French skincare products! Papulex was introduced to me by Dr Kan from Trinity Medical. Shall update soon :)

A one-of-a-kind gym: Aileron Wellness


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As unfit as I may look, I do work out in the gym from time to time to keep my weight in check, cause ya know, I’m someone who lives for food (heh)! Really happy to be invited to Aileron Wellness for a fitness class two weeks ago.

Aileron Wellness_Sentosa_Singapore_Gym_exclusive_fitness_Classes_Sentosa Cove

“Situated in the heart of Sentosa Island, Aileron Wellness promises a workout experience like no other.”

Yepp you read that right. A gym located in Sentosa Island itself.

It’s very different from the mega gyms you see in the town areas like Fitness first, California fitness etc. If you want to work out somewhere where it’s serene, personalised and exclusive, then you’ll definitely have to come try this gym out.

The class I chose to do was Fight Club. I needed to relieve some stress badly!


An interactive workout that is inspired by Kickboxing and Muay Thai, it involves pad work and a string of fast paced, high intensity interval training that promises to work every possible muscle group in the entire system of the human body.

Benefits include:

  • relieves stress
  • burns calories
  • improves posture
  • builds core strength
  • boosts confidence and mood

Our trainer for that day is Dominic. The founder of Aileron, Keith, also joined in during some parts of the lesson.

We started off with some stretching. I thought it was going to be easy but not rrrrreeeeeeeeeally :'(

Their warm-ups are fun and designed to get you moving. One of the warm-ups that I liked included the below (I call it ‘jumping on the flat ladder”), which was difficult and got my heart pumping really fast.

Aileron Wellness_Singapore_Sentosa_Gym_Exclusive_Amara Sanctuary_Warm-ups

I took a Muay Thai class elsewhere before, and it was really painful. Bruises everywhere. I initially thought that the Fight Club will be something like Muay Thai, but was pleasantly surprised during the lesson.

Aileron’s Fight Club classes are different from usual aerobic kickboxing classes and their instructors are IKF and THUMP certified. We learnt how to properly execute jabs, crosses, uppercuts and hooks in a whole new manner.

After learning some basic moves, we paired up to do some practise.

Aileron Wellness_Fight Club_Blog review_Singapore_Gym_Sentosa_Sentosa Cove2

After punching for a while, my whole body decided to give way. Many times I wanted to just call it quits, but Dominic was not only encouraging but also at the same time challenging me to not give up.

He also explained that the strength should come from the hips and not from the arms itself. No wonder I was so tired!

Aileron Wellness_Fight Club_Blog review_Singapore_Gym_Sentosa_Sentosa Cove (3)

To be honest, I felt like the Fight Club gave me a good workout on the overall.

My whole body was aching, but in a good way. It’s like all my muscle groups have been worked and I really felt like all my pent-up stress from the busy work week have been relieved.

The other fitness classes available at Aileron includes Fit Mummy Workout, Pilates, Fight Club, AWE Bootcamp, Energy Flow Yoga, Family Yoga + Kids’ Art Jam & more. For their fitness class schedules, please click here.

The gym is situated on the other side (the fitness room and the gym is separate) so here’s how it looks like. It’s very well-equipped with a good variety of machines. Because it’s not as crowded as the gyms in town, there’s usually no need to queue for machines (YAY!). I didn’t use the gym after the class cause I was already aching all over, LOL


The shower facility is clean and spacious, and it’s easy to refresh ourselves after a good workout. I left Aileron feeling satisfied with the good workout I had. Everyone was also really friendly there, which only makes you feel more at home.

I also had the chance to observe other people do their personal training, and the trainers are definitely professional in their work with customers, from the way they demonstrate and encourage with smiles on their faces.

It’s definitely a gym that’s different, not just in it’s location surrounded by lush greenery but also the service that feels very personal. I will love to visit again, esp on the weekends cause we can hit the beach right after :)


For Sentosa Cove residents, do check out their special offer just for you:

Receive a free Personal Training Session worth 150SGD if you reside on the island of Sentosa! Call now to book an appointment with our Fitness Professionals. Sign up a minimum of 10 sessions of Personal Training to receive an Islander Pass to Sentosa absolutely free. For more information on how to sign up, please call: 62747 138 or email: enquiries@aileron.com.sg

They also have an upcoming Halloween event called “Bootcamp on Elm Street”. It’s an
interesting way to spend Halloween! Do contact them for more details :) 


Aileron Wellness
Amara Sanctuary Resort
01 Larkhill Road
Block 43 #02-38/39
Singapore 099394
Telephone: 6274 7138
Operating hours: 7.30am – 10pm
Email: enquiries@aileron.com.sg


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