Gelish with Champ Elysees Nails Spa

Christmas is fast approaching…. time to do up sparkly nails to match the season! Was recently invited by Champ Elysees Nails Spa to beautify my nails and I chose to do a set of gelish nails :) Read on for a fantastic promo at the end!

Champ Elysees Nails Spa is located within Hair Loft, about 3-5 minutes away from Kovan MRT. You can do your hair and nails at the same place, how convenient!


A clean & well maintained counter that feels very welcoming

A private corner for their signature pedicure treatments

So many pretty nail designs, I can’t decide which kind I’d like!


Since I had a wedding the next weekend, I asked for black & gold nails that are glamorous and classy…. and left staff Sandra to work her magic.

I really have to compliment her on her skills though. She was so gentle when trimming my cuticles and buffing my nails. I didn’t feel any pain at all, unlike how I usually feel when I get my nails done at FEP.

Champ elysees nail spa_Singapore_Hair Loft_reviewSandra busy at work

And after an hour… my black and gold nails are done!

Aren’t they just gorgeous?

The gold is WAY PRETTIER in real life. Somehow my camera just makes the gold look very yellow in fluorescent lighting. It’s actually black nail polish with gold foil, so there’s a texture to it and it looks super glamorous!

As usual, I like to judge the quality of gel nails by the amount of time it lasts… and here’s my nails after 2 weeks! Took it under natural light and this time, the color is more true to real life :) It still looks perfect; nothing has chipped and the colors are still really vibrant.

Just to share, I actually broke my thumb’s nail (like 1/4 of the entire nail broke off) doing pilates one morning and Sandra managed to create my chipped off quarter with gel. I was super amazed at her skills! See, you can’t tell that my thumb’s nail is fake right?


Oh, for those who do gel, I’m sure you’re aware that most nail salons charge about $20 for their soak-off. Champ Elysees only charge $10, very affordable yes?

Do check out their price list here for a range of their services. Their promotional brochure below :)


I loved my experience at Champ Elysees Nails Spa. It’s very cozy and I get Sandra’s full attention as they only book one customer per slot. Owner Candy was really friendly and nice to talk to.  There are also many popular food outlets like Charcoal Thai and Lola’s Cafe nearby, so it’s convenient to drop by after a hearty meal.

Quote ‘Ohhhoney’ and enjoy 50% off for gelish manicure or pedicure. Strictly by appointment only.

Champ Elysees Nail Spa

2, Kovan Road, Simon plaza #01-06

Appointments: 6383 0106
Nearest MRT: Kovan

Project Get Fit: What the personal trainer said


While I was peddling on the bicycle in the gym a few weeks ago, my friendly gym trainer sat beside me and we chatted for a while. Let’s call him A.

A: “Why do I always see you doing only cardio every time you come to the gym?”

Me: “Cause I’m fat, and cardio like running and cycling is the only way to slim me down? I don’t want to lift weights and build bulky muscles!”

A: “That’s a misconception most newbies have…”

Me: “Why? How? Isn’t it true?”

A: Cardio is good, but to truly lose weight, you have to:

1) Do resistance training; like lifting weights, to build some muscles. With muscles, your metabolism increases, and you’ll burn more fat in turn. Usually those who do cardio only will lose the fat, but will gain it back sooner or later.

2) Control your diet
. A woman needs about 1500 calories a day. To effectively lose weight, eat a little less, about 1200-1300 calories. A combination of these two methods will work effectively.

Me: “OMG! I have been running so hard for nothing!” I also realise I get so hungry after doing intensive cardio that I eat a lot more than usual for dinner. Thus at the starting month, when I went for the scary weighing scale, I was horrified that I gained weight.

Luckily, I didn’t go the ‘FUCK THIS SHIT I QUIT’ route. I simply took his advice and used another approach.

My routine now starts with low intensity cardio, like brisk walking for about 35 mins on the treadmill, then some reps of squats with weights, push-ups every session.  Some days I do HIIT (high intensity interval workout), which is really good for fat burning.

I finish gym tired, but not overly exhausted. Good to see some results now.

Date Weight
1 Oct 2014 55.4 kg
24 Oct 2014 56.8 kg
21 Nov 2014 53.2 kg

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A Birthday & a Wedding

On Saturday, we celebrated Nard’s birthday at Dempsey’s PS Cafe after dance class.
I just lurvvvvve their truffle fries. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!



Our only groupfie from the night before we bade goodbye!

Come Sunday, attended a military wedding with love, and got to see him in his uniform for the first time :)  Congrats to the newly weds!


Dress from hervelvetvase. Nails c/o Champ Elysees Nail Spa

First time trying a midi length dress and I don’t think it’s the most flattering cut for pear-shaped girls :'(
On the lookout for more wedding dresses, so please share with me if you know of any good shops with nice dresses!


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Never-ending cycle

Dear Face,

Remember that agreement we had? The one where you remain calm and I’ll in turn be in a good mood everyday?

You know how I feel when I wake up and see new zits popping up like they are free? Upset. And angry.

I will just take it that you’re being moody and throwing a tantrum for now. I will shower you with love and care so please stop being moody soon.

Otherwise, I’m going in to the doctor’s office to remove you by force. And I promise you, it’ll hurt. So please, let’s not make things ugly.

Staying positive,

Pie lovers, rejoice! Pie Face now in Singapore


Are you a fan of pies? Australia’s popular chain, Pie Face, has arrived in Singapore! Their first outlet is now open at 313 Somerset, with their 14,000 sq ft flagship cafe set to open soon in Bugis Village.

Aren’t these smiley cutie-pies adorable? Thanks to Celine for the invite, I got to try out these savoury and dessert pies on their opening night :)


The four savoury flavours available are the Chunky Steak Pie ($5.80), Chicken & Mushroom Pie ($4.90), Thai Curry Chicken Pie ($4.90) and Taandori Vegetable Pie ($4.90).

The pie pastry is light and crisp. I feel that it could have been a little more buttery, but that’s just my preference.  Their signature chunky steak pie definitely tops my chart but I’m also fond of the the Thai Curry Chicken (partly cause I love anything thai food related, lol)

I’m not a fan of dessert pies, but do check out the Mini Lemon Pie ($3.30) which is pretty refreshing with a cuppa’ latte.

They also serve a selection of beverages and coffee. The Mocha I had was creamy, not too sweet and comparable to the usual cafe standards.


Pies and coffee definitely make for a good after-shopping break and I’d recommend you drop by to give those piping hot pies a try!

Pie Face Singapore
313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road #B3-10 Singapore 238895

Ah Loy Thai – hidden gem in Shaw Towers

I have been wanting to try out Ah Loy Thai after reading this food review from Miss Tam Chiak. I lurrveeeeeeeee calamari very much and the sounds of this delicious melt-in-the-mouth butter calamari is too hard to resist!

Finally had the time to go down on one of the weekends with love! We reached at around 630pm and there was already a queue outside. The entire eatery was packed. So we queued for a little while, and it wasn’t long before we got a table for two.

As I’m kinda on a diet, I decided to share whatever main he’s eating. We ordered the pineapple fried rice, butter calamari and tom yum soup to share.


Can I say…. I freaking love this fried rice! It’s so so so tasty! Every single grain is coated with the ‘essence’ (I hate fried rice which still has white rice in it) and they were generous with the ingredients. The prawns used were fresh too.


This butter calamari dish is found on almost everyone’s table. It’s one of their signature dishes and a MUST TRY when you go to Ah Loy Thai. I’m glad we ordered it!

The butter sauce is not just butter that’s melted but they added some sort of sweet stuff to it. So it’s kinda savoury and sweet at the same time? Calamari was crispy and chewy inside. A really good combination and one of the best calamari dishes I have tasted :)

The tom yum soup is pretty spicy but very addictive. The sour and spicy blends well together (not too over on either side). Again, the ingredients in the soup were generous and fresh, which makes it pretty worth the price!

I’m definitely looking forward to visiting again soon! Do note their opening hours below if you’re visiting cause they close pretty early on weekdays & weekends :)

Ah Loy Thai
#01-39/40, Shaw Towers
100 Beach Road

Mon – Fri: 12:00 – 20:00
Sat – Sun: 13:00 – 19:00
Closed: PH