Seoul-searching (Day 4)


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Rise and shine and we’re ready for Day 4. Today we conquer Lotte World :)

In comfy amusement park attire for the day

A little about Lotte World

Located in the heart of the city, Lotte World is the perfect spot for entertainment and sightseeing. It is a theme park filled with thrilling rides, an ice rink, different kinds of parades as well as a folk museum, a lake, and much more.

Getting to Lotte World
Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2 & 8), Exit 4.
Lotte World is directly connected to the station.
For more info, click here


Tickets at 44,000KRW each, which is about S$53
Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (2)

We started from the Indoor Theme Park :)
Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (3)

Getting ready for the teacup ride~
Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (4)

The famous indoor hot air balloon ride! The queue was super long but we still queued for it. I’d definitely recommend this for families and couples cause it’s a good time to bond (while queuing and during the ride LOL)
Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (5)

Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (6)

View from the top~ I love how it feels like a small country in here, complete with castles and houses :)
Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (7)

Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (8)

We headed to the outdoor theme park (Adventure and Magic Island) next as the indoor rides are mainly for younger kids & families…

Cherry blossom trees in full bloom ❤ See all the couples just sitting around? So romantic! I wanna go dating under cherry blossom trees toooooooo.
Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (11)

The first ride we attempted in the outdoor theme park was the …. GYRODROP.
Lotte_world_2014_blog_review_ohhhoney_Seoul_korea (3)

Must we really do this?
Lotte_world_2014_blog_review_ohhhoney_Seoul_korea (2)

We made a bet that whoever screamed while on the ride had to treat dinner. I immediately regretted it when we were in our seats and we were seconds from zooming up. OMAIGAWD NOT EVEN FUNNY. I almost died (ok more like close to peeing my pants). Too exciting for this old bag of bones here.

Spotted this on the way to queue for other rides. Love love love these colorful ice-cream balls! My lips were so seriously dried-out…I bought this twice in a feeble attempt to hydrate myself hahahaha
Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (10)

One of our favorite rides – it’s like a giant rocking banana boat LOL
Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (9)

We tried many other rides and they were all quite exciting. But the queue was super long, one ride was about 40-45 mins of queuing, in the cold. We left the theme park after trying the major rides… Headed back to the hotel to freshen up for a bit.

We went to meet Su and Ed for dinner and she asked her korean friends to join us this time round. Tried this restaurant – VIPS Steak and Salad Bar, which is apparently quite a famous steakhouse in Korea. I didn’t take any pictures but read this comprehensive review I found :)

‘VIPS is a fine dining restaurant serving top-quality steaks grilled on high-temperature barbecues and a seasonal salad bar that carries a wide variety of dishes and fresh vegetables. The Korean chain, which offers traditional steaks and 90 different menu items, is becoming increasingly popular.’

During the dinner, we got to know Jun and David, which was pretty interesting cause we hardly interacted with any locals on our trip. They kindly brought us for jja jang myun at a local eatery which was like super cheap and yummy.

It’s like tourists who come to SG, get chopped by tourist traps like Newton Circus and still think it’s a good bargain. So awesome to have locals bring us around!


By the way, thought to share.. mentioned that Su & Ed was in Korea for their pre-wedding shoot. For those who are planning to do so, how are you looking for a make-up artist, gown rental and nice venues to shoot? Most korean places are not English-speaking so research and planning can be hard.

David was the one who arranged for the make-up artist, gown rentals etc for Su & Ed’s shoot. It is good to hire a Korean guide at a reasonable charge. Saves you time and effort.

Contact David at:
Mobile: +82 10 6416 8669
LINE: david_silver (download LINE on Appstore, it’s like whatsapp)
Specialise in: Wedding, Beauty (plastic surgery yes), Guest house

Okay, so our day ended pretty late but we had lots of fun and good food. More on Day 5 soon! :)

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Weight Loss diary x new cafes


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Life has been good lately and I’ve been putting on so much weight…

In an attempt to lose the flab, I started my two-pronged ‘sure-lose-weight’ plan:

1) Gym often
2) Try ‘teatox-ing‘ which is recently popular and raved about by many bloggers

So on gymming, I’m a classic pear shape so the fats on my body are concentrated mostly on my hips, butt and thighs (no thanks to my awesome genes).

I’m rather pissed that I can only wear gowns that are flare on the bottom rather than tapered (see how unproportionate I look in the gown on the right?)

I needed to get some exercise to target just the bottom part of my body cause my top is already quite small. But then, the gym guy told me there’s no specific targeting of just the bottom, so cardio is the way to go.

So I did running (at least 2.4km), cycling (20-30 mins) or steps (20-30 mins) each time I hit the gym. TY also taught me how to do squats, which I pretty much hate but it’s good cause it will give me an awesome butt.

I felt like crap in the first few weeks I started gymming but I do feel like I’ve built some muscle tone in my legs now. Cause I started breaking out… my doctor advised me to stop till it calms down. Will be starting again, less intense this time.


For the tea-tox, the brand I chose to try was SkinnyMint. I ordered it online and it got delivered the very next day (thumbs up for the extremely fast service by courier!)

Take one sachet (morning boost) in the morning before or during breakfast, and the night cleanse sachet once every two days. The morning one boosts your energy levels while the night one detoxifies your system.

My thoughts after drinking the tea for 10 days:
– Taste wise, the morning tea was quite fragrant (fruity and light)… however the night tea tastes of ginger and I hated the smell and taste of it.
– Started having diarrhea every day after drinking the tea
– Appetite got better instead of being suppressed (I ate a lot more than usual LOL)
– Started breaking out (maybe cause I started exercising and it’s detoxing, idk for sure)

Anyway, I stopped cause of the breakouts and diarrhea. Every day diarrhea is really no joke. I felt really unwell, weak and cold. I think my body may not be suited for this product :(

Guess I just have to go through the normal way via exercise and not rely on detoxing supplements/teas. Will update on my progress!

Other than working out and trying to lose weight, there’s always time for some indulgence. Here’s some cafes I visited recently and my take on them:

Carpenter and Cook
19 Lorong Kilat #01-06, Singapore 598120
I’d say this place is worth a visit. I love the atmosphere and the hot chocolate is yummy. Located in upper bukit timah, it’s quite a popular haunt and it’s always full house whenever we try to visit.
Carpenter and Cook_Cafes_Singapore_in the West_review

Chock Full of Beans
Blk 4 Changi village road #01-2090, Singapore 500004
Stumbled across this when headed to dinner at Changi V. Had coffee here after dinner. Atmosphere is nice and staffs are friendly. They are well known for their 3D Latte art.
Chock Full of Beans_Cafes_Singapore_review

Habitat Coffee
223 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574355
Been here so many times but it’s the first time with TY. Definitely a cozy place to chill at. I still pretty much like their truffle fries though sometimes the quality varies.
Habitat Coffee_Cafe_Thomson Area_Singapore_Review

The Rustic Bistro
21 China Street, Far East Square, Singapore 049563
Tried out their desserts and coffee. Their sticky date pudding was so so good, I wouldn’t mind going back again. Quite a new establishment but they are already fully packed on a Friday night.

Hatter Street
212 Hougang Street 21, #01-333, Singapore 530212
Was dining at the popular Nakhon Kitchen (Thai food) when we discovered this cafe just a few shops away. Decided to save some space for some desserts and we were not disappointed. The waffles are unique and not like the ones I have tasted at other cafes. I even like it more than Wimbly Lu’s (though no one beats their warm lava cake). The mocha though, was sub-par. Will not mind visiting again if I have a waffle crave.
Hatter Street_Waffles_Cafe_Singapore_review


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